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The Fallows
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The Fallows is a Poem Written Unlike Any Novel Before
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The Fallows Excerpt
Part 1. The Phoenix's Quest
      Chapter 1. The Man's Lost Love
      Chapter 2. Lamentatioins
      Chapter 3. Into The Forest He Goes
      Chapter 4. Crying Out Before the Flames
      Chapter 5. The Phoenix's Call
      Chapter 6. Hungers Pain
      Chapter 7. Hemlock's Tragedy
Part 2. Tartarus's Shores
      Chapter 1. Charon's Refusal
      Chapter 2. Love's Surprise
      Chapter 3. Love's Awakening
      Chapter 4. United Together in Love
      Chapter 5. Ode to Their Love
      Chapter 6 Their Last Goodbyes
      Chapter 7. Wedding Vows
Part 3. The Isles of Tragedy
      Chapter 1. Waiting for the Ferry
      Chapter 2. The Ferry Ride
      Chapter 3. Left in the Isles of Tragedy
      Chapter 4. Socrates' Temples of Knowledge
      Chapter 5. A Childs Heart Beats in Her Womb
      Chapter 6. A Child is Born in the Underworld
      Chapter 7. Knowledge for the Earth is Found
Part 4. Love's Sacrifice
      Chapter 1. The Phoenix Turns to Myrrh and Ash
      Chapter 2. The Phoenix Finds the Man
      Chapter 3. The Phoenix Ransoms His Life
      Chapter 4. The Man Returns to the Earth
      Chapter 5. Upon the Beaches of New York
      Chapter 6. To Call Upon Zeus
      Chapter 7. To Call Upon Mankind for Love
Part 5. Humanity's Call
      Chapter 1. Awakening of the Gods
      Chapter 2. People Gather before the Mountain
      Chapter 3. Call to Fight Our True Enemies
      Chapter 4. Questions of the Tower Assured
      Chapter 5. The Tale of His Becoming
      Chapter 6. Call to the People to Save the Earth
      Chapter 7. Together Building the Temple as One
Part 6. The Cup of Humanity
      Chapter 1. High Zeus Stood in Honor
      Chapter 2. Call for Wars to End
      Chapter 3. The Poet Born From Within
      Chapter 4. Inventions Born to Change Mankind
      Chapter 5. Reach Out for Your Dreams
      Chapter 6. Ode to the Labors of Mankind
      Chapter 7. The Man Receives a Gift
Part 7. The Mother and Father's Child
      Chapter 1. Dreaming of His Love
      Chapter 2. Meeting His Parents
      Chapter 3. Meeting with Socrates
      Chapter 4. Awakening His Love
      Chapter 5. Awakening Zeus's Father
      Chapter 6. Zeus us Humbled Before All
      Chapter 7. Wedding Celabration of All Peoples

7 Parts and 7 Chapters
A Living Love Story
      "Aaron Ross Hikes Across America Inspiring The Readers Of The Fallows Now And Forever Filling A Jar With Ocean Water On Sep 11th In New York City With The Sunrise To Be Poured Into The Pacific Ocean In Santa Monica Beach California With The Sunset."
The Fallows Calls For an End to All Wars
​With his hands he stroked her hair
Opening up her eternal eyes
They smiled like an angel oh so fair;
Beauty for which so many men have died.

Together fate had placed them in a dream,
These years they hoped would last forever
Their love always flowing in streams,
Forever lying in their love together.

Without chastity in beauties and all youth
As glorious romantic pages within a book turn
Holding on to each other for all the truth
For each other they would always yearn.

Together rising like Christmas children
To the greatest gift born into the world,
Together to run and jump with open hands
Leaving the judge to die in flaming fields.

What was across the flames they knew not at all,
All they cared for now was to be in love together.
As the days before the earth in Eden’s garden fall,
Innocents without the leaves of Adam and Eve’s sin to cover.

No ego to tell them of right or wrong,
As lovers that should’ve forever been,
Born fresh love as rose petals so strong,
Their perfume left untainted by mankind’s sin.

Together gracing the shores with their love and feet,
They took the clothes off of their very backs,
Together they looked to the flames so meek.
To throw them upon the fires all the way back.

Together as they threw their clothes into the flames
The people of the shores cried unto them,
Yet their clothes were gone, and who was to blame?
For the shame of earth’s ego and all its sin.

They cared not of the shore’s cries,
For they knew inside that mankind was blind,
It was as if in that moment they together died,
And together they forgot about all time.

Without fear, naked in love and bliss,
Before the shores of the entire crowd,
Like romantic scenes you cannot miss,
That drives all of young lovers so wild.

Together they drowned out the people of the shores,
As they in love called to each other so clear,
Together as a sacred temple to build and more,
Forever warming and loving one another so dear.

Like humankind born to labor in Eden’s garden,
With the knowledge of their love forever awoken,
They fell into their lovers’ heart together unhardened,
As their skin warmed with the words left unspoken.

Fallow: cultivated land that is allowed to lie idle during the growing season. The seventh year of the growing period in which the weeds are left to grow to nourish the land. On the seventh year the field is left fallow to nourish the land for another six year growing period.

"The Fallows is symbolic of the field within our hearts and minds."
​A poem is a poem when it speaks to you with love.
A poem is a poem when it draws you close to God above.
A poem is a poem when it moves your heart within.
A poem is a poem when it inspires your mind to win.
I want a poem to teach me something new.
I want a poem to teach me something true.
I want a poem to inspire my heart and mind.
I want a poem to touch my heart and make me cry.
A poem that is a poem bringing me closer to love.
 A poem that is a poem calling to me as God above.
A poem unlike any poem before.
A poem that open’s secret doors.
The door to my heart.
The door to my mind.
I want a poem to teach me for all time.
A poem which is a poem, speaking to me with love.
A poem which is a poem drawing me closer to God above.

A Poem
Part One

Oh, how pain cultivates the fallows of our hearts
Like the threshing wheel of God’s mighty hands;
Touching the depths of our most inner parts,
Nourishing the heart of our most vital lands.

Part Two

Oh, the joy of fallowed hearts
That were once lost to be found;
Upon life’s most sacred cords tossed,
Brought together in love so tightly wound.

Part Three

Oh, how a great love move’s upon the fallows,
To stir a heart unto great sacrifice,
Painting upon the earth its rainbows,
Yet such love comes only with a great price.

Part Four

Oh, how the fallows carry scars from the past,
While the present winds forever blow,
Planting seeds to forever grow and last,
Forever in their glory to live and grow.

Part Five

Oh, how the word touches the fallowed hearts,
If only to inspire one unto great actions,
Those ocean depths who can ever chart,
Words that move one unto great passion.

Part Six

Oh, how the fallows carry scars from the past,
While the present winds forever blow,
Planting seeds to forever grow and last,
Forever in their glory to live and grow.

Part Seven

Oh, how the fallows are one,
A field of joy forever to be planted,
To grow forth upon the earth under the sun,
As a bride and groom upon the earth united.

Oh, my love, it is only you that I desire,
My precious bride, my soul’s mate,
I have sought you through many fires,
Pains that I cannot even relate.

I would travel through all those pains again and again,
Only to look into your eyes forever, my friend,
For beholding you now means more than eternity,
For our love somehow shall be our immortality.

As Gilgamesh traveled the world to find his brother,
I will travel this world to find my lover,
If you know not Gilgamesh in this hour,
Then find his book and read its power.

For my eyes cry as the goddess Isis,
For Osiris floating down the rivers of the Nile,
Going out to find her love that she missed,
Oh, that she would find her love again somehow.

Yet I live, and I am with my love,
And before the heavens her lips I kiss,
As all lovers before the gods above,
Holding each other in wedded bliss.

For all lovers forever shall remain royalty,
Faithfulness in all love’s ways and charity,
And in the book of love it shall be loyalty,
Always holding two souls together with love’s key.

And with those keys speak to your love from your heart,
Never let another second pass you by,
Strike her mind with love’s art,
And hold her tightly that she won’t cry.

For we never know when that blessed day shall come,
When we shall lose love’s greatest freedom,
And I raise freedom’s flag for love to be won,
For it is only now that we are a free nation.

Oh, that birds would gather for love!
To sing its triumphs made!
As storm clouds gather in heaven’s sky!
To cover humankind in shade!”

For I can no longer take earth’s sin!
Suffering desire’s disease!
Thieves’, murderers’, adulterers’ bin!
The sting of death to honeybees!

For inside my heart is dying!
Perishing and always trying!
With tears inside always crying!
Wishing to understand love’s ways!

For love torn, stole many days!
Ravishing the book of my soul!
Pierced by the thief’s poisonous dart!
Left to wonder no longer whole!

But I aim to find my love!
That my heart may rejoice again!
As the returning of the dove!
During the flood on Noah’s land!

For love to breed new beginnings!
And my eyes see love’s true light!
Its warmth bearing all tenderness!
To this do not all true men and women fight?

Sneak Peak