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The Fallows will bring tears to your eyes for all time!
Aaron Ross
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The day that The Fallows was released Aaron Ross began a hike across the United States of America to inspire the American people and the nations of the world to save the earth from global warming; to kneel before the love of his life to give to her The Fallows forever to tell her how much he loves her expressing his love through The Fallows and the hike across America. The Fallows hike across Americas will forever inspire the nations of the world through the words of the book itself and it will forever be known that Aaron Ross hiked across the United States of America to inspire the nations of the world to unite their hands to save the earth from global warming, disease, famine, poverty, the energy crisis, and human trafficking. 

Aaron Ross is carrying a jar of ocean water filled in New York City on Sep 11th with the sunrise to be poured into the ocean at Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles California with the sunset. The water in the jar is symbolic of the hope that is was left in Pandora’s Box. Also Aaron Ross is carrying a United States Flag and a Peace Flag that received over 300 signatures.

It is Aaron Ross's hope that the leaders throughout the world will gather together to save our earth from global warming, and begin to use renewable energy resources set by the G Summit in Pittsburgh PA, in 2010.

Together they rose as mourners do,
To take their last walk,
Holding hands as lovers do,
Silently they went without talk.

Only did they feel each other’s love,
Within the silent grip of their hands,
Burning as the fires crave above,
Forever upon the lands.

Tears poured from their eyes,
So much they could not say goodbye,
For words became so heavy,
That none came even if they tried.

Before the boats, they touched one last time,
Holding both of their hands like it was a crime,
Together they shut their eyes as virgins do,
And kissed each other goodbye.

Naked they came, naked they go,
Oh, how all the souls of the shores looked around,
As if they were a spectacular show,
Even great Charon was spellbound.

Quietly she got upon the ferry,
Her clothes were forever gone,
The horns blasted for boat could not terry,
Quickly the ferry moved along.

The hundred years went so fast,
Oh, how they wished they could stay,
Oh, that time would stop its task,
That forever in their loves they could play.

They watched as their love moved on,
As a giant emptiness swelled inside,
Oh, how could they from each other be gone,
Their distance to become forever so wide.

Oh, how he wished to fight,
To be with his love forever so true,
But the gods with all were to strong with all their might,
There was nothing that he could do.

The Fallows Hike Across America