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The Fallows
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The Fallows is a Poem Written Unlike Any Novel Before
About The Fallows
One man goes on a quest to find his lost love facing the gods, humanity, and the forces of nature. In a spiritual adventure the man inspires the gods the nations of the earth to save the world from global warming, war, famine, disease, poverty, human trafficking, war, terrorism and abuse. Together the Gods and mankind join hands to call forth the evils of the world back into Pandora’s box, the evils released into the world by mighty Zeus when Prometheus stole fire from Mt. Olympus and gave it to mankind. We come to find, that what Prometheus brougth into the world, his son came into the world to take it away.
     The fallows of the earth must be cultivated daily. It is Aaron Ross's hope as he hikes across the United States of America to add greater emotion to the written words of The Fallows. The Fallows is a love story that will forever remain a poem dedicated to the love between a man and a women.

     Aaron Ross went to Liberty University in Virginia for Communications and Theology. Aaron Ross also attended Life Times Career Institute for a degree in small business management. Currently Aaron Ross is living in Irwin Pennsylvania, 55 Corbett Ave Irwin Pa, 15642. Right Aaron Ross is working on a second book to The Fallows, three screenplays, and three novels that will soon be ready for production. Aaron Ross's dream was to begin his career the way literature has evolved throughout history; Aaron Ross has accomplished that dream with The Fallows.

​1. The Fallows unlike any book before inspires the inner poet to create and study late into the night, whether you are a high school student or a retired priest at a convent, to solve earth’s greatest problems cancer, disease, terrorism, poverty, famine, human trafficking, divorce, and war.   

2. The words of The Fallows move you emotionally and amazingly bring you to tears of sadness as well as joy, causing a catharses, helping your heart and mind to heal from the tragedies of the past.

3. Global warming is not just an American problem it is a universal problem that every nation faces. The words of The Fallows inspire the nations and the people to join hands together to save the earth while we have the chance.

4. Deeply, The Fallows will forever inspire your love life, breathing passion, faithfulness, and a strong desire for love in your life. If your relationship is on the rocks The Fallows will heat things up.

©2011, The Fallows, All Rights Reserved. Bookstores: 
A poem is a poem when it speaks to you with love.
A poem is a poem when it draws you close to God above.
A poem is a poem when it moves your heart within.
A poem is a poem when it inspires your mind to win.
I want a poem to teach me something new.
I want a poem to teach me something true.
I want a poem to inspire my heart and mind.
I want a poem to touch my heart and make me cry.
A poem that is a poem bringing me closer to love.
 A poem that is a poem calling to me as God above.
A poem unlike any poem before.
A poem that open’s secret doors.
The door to my heart.
The door to my mind.
I want a poem to teach me for all time.
A poem which is a poem, speaking to me with love.
A poem which is a poem drawing me closer to God above.

A Poem