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The Fallows will bring tears to your eyes for all time!
Aaron Ross
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The Fallows Believe In Love
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Aaron Ross writes The Fallows, Believe in love to inspire the world for love and heal the earth of pain and suffering. Aaron hiked across America to inspire the world as never before. The Fallows is a living love story set in a world of amazing beauty inspiring us in today’s world in ways that you will be amazed.

As Aaron Ross hikes across the United States facing the forces of nature and criticism; inspiring the men and women of the earth to come together for love, to fight for the cure, instead of fighting against each other, fighting against global warming, disease, famine, poverty, war, terrorism, and human trafficking. Together we can discover the way rather than destroy the road to glory. The Fallows is forever dedicated to the cure and to our love lives in which we live.

The day The Fallows will be released, Aaron Ross will fill a jar with ocean water from the Atlantic with the sunrise in New York City to be poured into the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles California; forever symbolizing the hope that was kept in Pandora’s box and the hope in our hearts for a beautiful world. When Aaron Ross gets to Santa Monica Beach in California he will pour the ocean water into the Pacific while the sun is setting. Symbolizing the evils of Pandora’s Box that are in the world, in hopes that the people of the people of the earth will be inspired to save our earth and come together for love to call forth those evils back into Pandora's Box. Together we can do just this.

The Fallows will forever inspire our love lives and for war’s within the world to end. For there is so much pain in knowing you lost the love of your life through the tragedies of war. For no one would ever wish to lose the one they love. If everyone where in love upon the earth there would be peace on earth because no one would want to lose their loved ones. Together we can find peace by gathering together to fight our true enemy’s disease, global warming, famine, poverty, human trafficking, terrorism, war, global warming, and the energy crisis. 

Love Story